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a bit of Scooters history

Mardi and Denny Moore first opened the doors to Scooter's Frozen Custard at 6:00 pm, June 19, 2003. To our surprise, we had a line out the door that very first day thanks to an extremely curious and supportive group of neighbors. We work hard every day, with the help of our staff, to provide a product and an environment that encourages each and every one of our customers to make a return trip to the corner of Belmont and Paulina.

Both Chicago area natives, for most of their careers, both Mardi and Denny worked in sales in the telecommunications field working closely with global account customers building and maintaining their corporate telecommunications infrastructures. Quite a bit of gobblety-gook for two people now having a blast creating memories in the ice cream biz. For years, both owners truly enjoyed working with their corporate clients until the climate in that industry changed. From change comes inspiration.

Denny had always said that "some day, I would like to leave the stress of the corporate world and just open up a hot dog stand." For Mardi, she swore she would never go into "retail," having seen the hard hours her mother worked in her businesses while growing up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  But, she was always looking for the right opportunity to inspire her to leave the corporate sales world. A drive by a suburban Frozen Custard shop was the light bulb that led them to research the industry. For months, they looked for reasons NOT to open up their shop and after lots of number crunching, they found themselves working with a couple of architects and building out their new store. Denny was not far off from his original idea. He thinks a Frozen Custard shop with "a darn good hot dog" is more fun anyway!

The most rewarding part of the business is being part of a community. Getting to know our neighbors and helping our neighbors have a place to get to know their neighbors was one of the goals of the business. The walk-up window was meant to be a gathering place for local residents and customers. It has turned into so much more. Bikers, stroller pushers, and other pedestrians join another favorite group of customers, the family dogs who, if big enough, will jump up to the window and place their order for a free cone to enjoy with their owner. But, watch out for the smaller dogs. What they lack in height, they gain in speed and may eat their cone and yours if 
you are not paying attention.    




We enjoy talking with our customers, getting to know their kids and getting to know a bit about the adults that walk through our door. How much fun it that!!??!! Tons of fun. We learn of the good and bad days people are having. And, we try to help people ride those days out in an effort to make Bad Days Better and Good Days Better.





Our philosophy is to always use the highest quality ingredients we can find. We will not skimp on quality and will only change our product if we find something better. Frozen Custard is a Premium Ice Cream and we work hard to keep the texture and flavor consistent and pleasing to the palette. The process for making Frozen Custard is very different from your other high end ice creams and is very labor intensive. The product is made fresh every day, from scratch, and that is part of reason it tastes so good. It is also the most dense of any ice cream variety on the market. Contrary to some urban myths, Frozen Custard is NOT extremely high in butterfat. In fact, Scooter's Frozen Custard is approximately 40% lower in butterfat that some of your favorite high end ice creams found at your local grocery store. For more information on the background of Frozen Custard, go to our Custard Facts page.

We hope you enjoy our Frozen Custard. Check out our Flavor Schedule Page for the daily "Flavor of the Day." And, remember to SMILE! It's Ice Cream!

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